We think technologically future-oriented

To this day, mechanically driven superchargers (compressors) and exhaust gas turbochargers have prevailed in the automotive industry in order to increase engine performance with decreasing displacement and fewer cylinders. However, these technical solutions still do not meet the downsizing requirements for significant energy savings with corresponding power development.

Alternatives developed by the automotive industry, such as electrically driven turbochargers, have so far failed due to excessive power consumption on the vehicles' 12-volt vehicle electrical systems.

D. Brown-Technik AG has extensive knowledge of the production and installation of electrically driven turbo systems, which are compatible with the 12-volt vehicle electrical systems in the vehicles.

Our solution offers the engine industry:

  • Implementation of the downsizing principle
  • Significant reduction in nitrogen exhaust gases, especially for diesel engines
  • Increase in engine power
  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption
  • Possibility of retrofitting diesel and petrol engines

We are in a position to develop important solutions for the automotive future and thus guarantee the automotive industry the sale of state-of-the-art vehicles in line with ever stricter environmental regulations.

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